In this project, we had to decide on a subject and create a collage of images we could find on the internet. In Photoshop, we used tools like the magic wand, magnetic lasso, and layer masks and gradients.
This assignment introduced the basic use of special effects in photoshop. A picture of myself was taken holding a flashlight that gave a base for the creation of a lightsaber. I was photoshopped onto a preexisting background and a box of white was created protruding from the flashlight. I gave the white box an outer red glow and rounded off its top. A lens flare was used to create a more realistic picture. Finally I altered the contrast of my skin tone so that I fit more flowingly with the background.
This assignment we had to take a picture of Larry and edit one his eyes on to a famous person, which in this case is Taylor Swift.
This magazine cover was the photoshop test created during two periods using only materials that belonged to myself. I used a picture of my cell phone and altered it to make it look like a magazine cover. A barcode was created manually, and the price, key articles and a title were added.
For this assignment, we had to make an advertisement spoof that pokes fun at a product of our choice.
This is a photo a edited and played around with on Photoshop.
This is a photo of me and I used Photoshop to edit Harry Potters eyes over mine.
This is a photo a edited and played around with on Photoshop.





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